Pacific Welcomes A New Coffee Shop to Campus

Conveniently located right next to the Brubeck apartments, Trail Coffee Roasters offers a fresh and unique experience for coffee drinkers on campus. From its welcoming interior to its creative drink flavors, Trail makes the perfect addition to the Pacific community.

“The people are very friendly and nice it’s a nice atmosphere that is close to campus,” says Ezaura Mazza, Education ‘22. She also mentions that she likes how Trail sometimes even creates homemade syrups for the coffee, giving it a unique flavor.

With the closure of the Davey café in the library due to renovations, Trail seems to have chosen the perfect time to set up shop on campus. Trail Coffee Roasters offers a good selection of, not only caffeinated drinks, but also healthy snacks like avocado toast and scones to grab on your way to the library or a study session.

When asked what keeps her coming back to the coffee shop, Chelsea Coran, Civil Engineering ‘20 says, “It’s such better quality than UC coffee, plus it has the cute vibes of an actual coffee shop or café.” While the interior of the shop is relatively small, Trail has also set up tables and chairs outside so that students can study while enjoying their coffee in the sunny weather we have been having.

My favorite aspect of the shop was how friendly and inviting the staff were. Upon entering, customers are cheerfully greeted by experienced workers who will help you to decide which coffee you may enjoy most if it is your first visit. The flavors and types of drinks offered here provide a refreshing alternative to those offered in the University Center.

In addition to offering traditional favorites like the vanilla latté, Trail’s menu has no shortage of fun flavors for students to try, such as honey lavender and golden milk lattés. “I like them better [than Calaveras Coffee] because they have matcha lattés”, says Erin Carrigan, Business Law ‘19.

For students who frequent the shop, Trail even offers rewards. Customers receive a punch card with their purchase that may be exchanged for a chance to win a free item and a spot for your picture on the wall after ten punches. The next time you visit, you may just spot a few familiar faces!

Located across the street from the library at 870 Dave Brubeck Way, remember to stop by Trail between the hours of 7AM and 4:30PM to try out some new drinks.

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