Humans of Pacific: Claryse Adams

Humans of Pacific: Claryse Adams

Claryse Adams, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics ‘21, is the current treasurer of the Society of Women Engineers.

What’s your favorite thing at Pacific?

“I enjoy Pacific’s small class sizes, which allow me to bond with my peers and receive more support from my professors.”

What’s one of your favorite memories at Pacific?

“One of my favorite memories at Pacific was being able to attend the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing. It was my first time attending such a large event and it allowed me to further explore my field and the employment opportunities it holds.”

Are there any school organizations you’re in? If so, what are they, how did you get involved, and what do you do?

“I currently serve as the treasurer of the Society of Women Engineers. I learned about this club through a newsletter that I had received when I was in high school, and began participating in club activities when I was a freshman.

I am also a member of the SUCCESS Program, which supports my endeavors as a first generation college student.

In addition, I am a member of the Legal Scholars Program. I received an invitation to apply for acceptance to the program after I was accepted to Pacific. I decided to apply because law is one of the careers that I have considered before settling on computer science, and I want to keep that door open should my professional life shift gears in the future. In the previous Spring semester, I served on the program’s admissions team.

In addition to my club involvements, I also work as a tutor for the SUCCESS Program and the School of Engineering and Computer Science.”

What advice would you give to an incoming Pacific student?

“My advice for incoming freshmen is to try to take every opportunity that is presented to them as a student because that will allow them to make connections and overall improve their experience. Even if they think they do not qualify for a job or event that is being offered, they should throw their hat into the ring anyway.”

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