Humans of Pacific: Anna Nguyen

Humans of Pacific: Anna Nguyen

Having graduated from the Eberhardt School of Business in May ‘18, Anna Nguyen currently works as the Marketing Coordinator for UOP International.


How did you get involved with UOPI? What drew you to it?

“I found out about UOPI through my former boss at the Career Resource Center. She sent me a job posting that she thought I would find interesting (and I did).”


What’s your favorite part of working for UOPI?

My favorite part about working for UOPI is meeting people and working with people from all over the world. I sometimes have super crazy meetings at 10PM or 5AM (because of time zones), but I get to meet a lot of different people!

What have you learned from your time at UOPI?

I have learned many things. Here’s just a short list:

  • Communication with people from all over the world/working with people in different regions
  • How to manage a department on my own (I’m the only marketing liason between UOPI), UOP, and HQ at Shorelight).
  • Coordinating high level visits for visitors (students, recruiters, agency owners, staff, etc.)
  • Website management, social media management, working with designers and recruiters.

What are some of your hobbies?

“Going out to eat (big foodie; I will drive 1+hours just to try French fries, donuts, tacos, etc.), traveling, arts and crafts (painting, drawing, DIY stuff), video games like Legend of Zelda, Combat Arms, Minecraft, etc., and watching vloggers from U.S./Canada that are now living in Japan, Tokyo, China.”

Tell me more about UOPI.

“UOPI is a partnership between Pacific and Shorelight Education; we provide services for international students. Services include English classes (to get students up to the English level required to take Pacific courses), acculturation to living in the U.S. (different events we host), and Student Service Advisors (helps with everything…airport pickup, setting up their dorm room, helping with paperwork, somebody to talk to and check on them).”



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