ASuop Hosts Trip to Honolulu

Earlier this month, Pacific proudly continued its long tradition of providing a fun, educational experience at an affordable rate. This past spring break, all students had the opportunity to take part in the UOP’s eleventh university-wide trip. This year’s chosen destination was Honolulu.

“This trip to Hawaii was selected because the team thought it was a great opportunity,” said ASuop representative Jennifer Low. “We got some really good group rates to make it affordable for students.”

Previous programs, which began with a trip to Las Vegas and have since included a cruise to Mexico and a venture to Disney World, have been chosen on a similar basis. According to Low, the purpose of ASuop’s spring break trips have always been to use travel as a means of enjoyable education that extends beyond the classroom by exposing students firsthand to different parts of the world.

“The purpose of the trip has always been to expand the students’ opportunities for different activities or experiences, and so through this trip we are hoping that students are able to visit somewhere that they wouldn’t normally be able to visit, providing access to a location that’s still exciting for spring break, but still safe and providing education along with it,” says Low.

Several measures have been taken to ensure that the trip is affordable for all students. Although ASuop covers only the cost of the mandatory event and leaves all baggage fees and food expenses to the students, the destination and costs are announced as early as October to allow lower-income students to save money for it. Payment plans are also available upon request, and part-time students who don’t already pay the ASuop fee are also eligible to attend once the fee is paid.

Students’ safety is also of the utmost priority. ASuop requires students to check in with staff several times throughout the day to ensure that everyone is accounted for and not lost or in danger. Two of these check-ins (one during the morning and another during the evening) require students’ physical presence, while two are mobile check-ins that can be completed from anywhere.

This year’s Honolulu trip offered 42 spots total, the maximum number that the university could afford. A statement from ASuop suggests that they look favorably on the possibility of that number expanding.

For students interested in next year’s spring break trip, ASuop will release information sometime during the middle of the next semester.

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Jo Ann Kirby