Women’s Basketball Starts 2018-2019 Season

Women’s Basketball Starts 2018-2019 Season

Pacific’s Women’s Basketball team is off to a great start, pulling in wins from their exhibition game against SF State and their first game of the season against UC Davis last month. The game against UC Davis was close, but still a success, bringing home a score of 83-80. Team members say that they felt very prepared going into their first game. It is their stellar preparation, along with amazing attributes as a team, that has them starting this season with success.

The Pacific Women’s Basketball team has been practicing together since their season ended last spring, welcoming freshmen in the summer to join in on practices as well. This consisted of conditioning and skill-building. Before their first game, the team put extra focus on their defense.

“We focused on fundamental skills that each player could improve on individually,” states Ameela Li, Business Finance ‘19. “We also worked a lot on our team defense because that was one of the main areas that we wanted to improve for this season.” It seems that their work in defense as paid off as well. Josephine Millard, Civil Engineering ‘22, shares that the team started off very strong in defense and remained strong throughout their first game.

“We had to overcome putting in a new offense this year,” Tylah King, Psychology ‘19, adds. “This was especially tough for returners because we are used to a certain offense and when we all had to adapt it was initially pretty tough to figure out the new flow.” Fortunately, it seems that their offense is coming together and helping the team get some wins for this season. King explains that the team will be revisiting their defensive and offensive strategies during practices to improve for upcoming games.

With such a good start to the season, team members are feeling hopeful and confident. They are looking to better themselves as individual players and as a team throughout the season.

“To be honest I just want to improve my game as much as possible,” Millard remarks, “and I know that I can become much better thanks to my teammates.” With everyone supporting each other, the Women’s Basketball team is sure to meet their goals. The family-like atmosphere is encouraging and is treasured by many of the team members.

“I hope the fans get to see how much fun we have playing together and how much of a family we really are,” King declares. “I think being able to be a family both on and off the court really shows in games when we play.” This team has potential to have a really amazing season and they would love for their fans to experience it with them and share in their successes not only shown on the scoreboard but also in what they accomplish as their skills progress.

“To have all our hard work translate directly to our games will be the main goal,” Li states. She sees the determination and cohesiveness of this team as an indicator that they can make it to postseason and finish at the top of their conference. With such confidence, togetherness, and preparation, this season will surely bring strong successes.

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Amanda Davis