Spreading love worldwide with “A is for Ai”

Spreading love worldwide with “A is for Ai”

“Love can happen anywhere.” This is the motto of “A is for Ai,” a project created by Peter Draw and curated by Lee Yik Keat, which has become a global movement. Draw collaborates with photographers around the world and inserts drawings of the characters “Ai” and “Aiko” into the photos. Stickers of Ai and Aiko are also on Giphy, and they have over 470 million views. A stop-motion animation film is being released on December 7th at the Giphy private screening.


Draw describes his mission with this: “In a world where love is becoming less and less visible, it is become more and more important for us to show that love can happen anywhere. Ai’s name has a special meaning. In hanyu pinyin, the first sound of Ai 哀 means “Sorrow” and the fourth sound of Ai 愛 means “Love.” The name Ai means that it doesn’t matter where we are, physically or figuratively, eventually we all find love. More importantly, the handle @aisforai refers to my vision for my children here and children who aren’t born yet. My hope is that the first alphabet ‘A’ they learn in life stands for Ai 愛 (love). I sincerely hope that our children always

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