Bubble Leaf: A Stocktonian’s Quick and Tasty Boba Fix

Bubble Leaf: A Stocktonian’s Quick and Tasty Boba Fix

Bubble Leaf is the new drive-thru boba shop in town that refuses to sacrifice quality for convenience. Bubble Leaf, located near the Lincoln Shopping Center, offers many of the same milk tea flavors we know and love with the added accommodation and accessibility provided by their drive-thru window.

Bubble Leaf offers quality and selection comparable to T4 with prices comparable to Lollicup. Customers are able to customize their cup size, toppings, sweetness, and ice level just like your other favorite boba shops. No dairy? No problem! Bubble Leaf even offers milk tea made with soy or almond milk for those who are lactose intolerant. This kind of thoughtfulness and accommodation also carries over into the shop’s great customer service.

Upon walking into the shop, customers can listen to the upbeat playlist put on by the shop and are greeted by the friendly workers who make sure that they feel welcomed and are always ready to strike up a conversation. After customers receive their drinks they are also ensured that if the drink is not to their liking, it can be adjusted.

In addition to the wide range of typical milk tea flavors that Bubble Leaf offers, the shop also offers a few unconventional flavors. Such flavors include: Horchata, DirtyChata (espresso and horchata), MatchaChata (a mix of matcha and horchata), MochaChata, and the Butterfly Effect (a pink and purple gradient tea). If you’re craving a snack, the shop even offers chicken strips, popcorn chicken, french fries, tater tots, and elote bowls!

When it comes to aesthetics, Bubble Leaf’s interior gives off a cozy vibe with holiday decorations posted along the walls and Christmas garland wrapped along the countertops. The shop’s quiet atmosphere and open tables make it a perfect place to stop by to get some homework done while enjoying great boba, grab a quick drink in between classes, or even just to hang out with friends. As a new competitor to T4 (one of the most popular boba shops among Pacific students), Bubble Leaf offers a refreshingly different atmosphere from T4’s often crowded and loud café.

To further encourage customer loyalty the shop also offers stamp cards. With every ten drinks purchased, customers will get their next drink free!  If any of the unique flavors or snacks interest you, make sure to stop by the shop and give it a try! Bubble Leaf is located at 526 Benjamin Holt Dr. right here in Stockton. Hope to see you there!

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