ASuop A&E Preps for Tiger Lands

PC: ASuop A&E

As the second semester comes to a close, excitement is ramping up for Pacific’s annual Spring Concert. The concert, dubbed Tiger Lands, will feature performances from well known artists such as Adventure Club, Ella Mai, Loudpvck, and more! Tiger Lands will take place on April 27th at 7:00 p.m. in front of the DeRosa University Center.

The Spring Concert has a reputation for being one of the most highly anticipated events on campus, and this year’s concert seems to be no exception. With finals just around the corner, students are eager to use this opportunity as a safe and fun way to let off some steam. In addition to enjoying live performances from multiple artists, students are offered snacks, DIY projects, and other activities all for free!

All of these exciting components of the concert, even including the booking of artists, have been planned and carried out by our very own ASuop Arts and Entertainment (ASuop A&E) team.

According to ASuop A&E Director Kathrina Morales, Business Administration ‘19, her experience planning the concert has been, “a long process and it’s a daunting one, but it’s been really rewarding in the end.”

She went on to say that she had fun working with the extra creativity that the team was able to provide while organizing Tiger Lands due to pre-planning from the previous year. The main goal, she said, is to, “make it more of a complete experience rather than just a concert in itself.”

According to Booking Programmer Jordan Telgenhoff, Music Management ‘18, one of the challenges the team faced was deciding how to manage time within the concert. Instead of booking five artists, which proved to easily become chaotic in previous years, the team decided to keep it simple with only three artists this year.

He also said that he is “excited for everyone to see the other components of Tigerland, [like] Musicland, Foodland… Funland, and Ecoland. Through all those lands, there are little components we’ve been brainstorming about and we came up with some really cool things this year.”

Although details about each of these lands have not been officially released yet, we have been informed that the ASuop A&E team has been working diligently to ensure that all students will love their experience at the concert.

According to Telgenhoff, ASuop A&E has been working together with Sustaining Pacific for Ecoland in order to organize a canned food drive.

If students donate one can of food, they will have the opportunity to gain extra raffle tickets that can be used to win prizes later in the concert. He even encourages students to use their extra meal plan points to buy food at the grove and donate it to the drive.

Thanks to the hard work of ASuop A&E team, Pacific’s 2018 Tiger Lands looks to be an experience that students will never forget. Remember to bring cans to donate in the Sustainability drive and have fun dancing the night away. You earned this, Tigers!

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