Museum of Ice Cream is an Instagrammer’s Heaven

Leslie Chan ’17 looks at one of the many visual attractions at the Museum of Ice Cream.                        PC: Amaris Woo

With tickets selling out in about an hour, the Museum of Ice Cream took social media by storm. It started in New York in July 2016, and it has reached Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.

Museum of Ice Cream is an interactive exhibit that is an Instagrammer’s heaven, complete with pretty pink walls, free ice cream, and a pool full of fake sprinkles.

Contrary to the name, Museum of Ice Cream is not only about the sweet treat. As visitors wander through the museum’s multiple rooms, they can also see anything from a unicorn and a room with plastic gummy bears to a banana swing and dangling clouds. Cheerful workers pass out free food at certain points, including ice cream, cotton candy and mochi ice cream.

There are no time limits except at the Sprinkle Pool. Groups of people are let in and are allowed to spend only five minutes at the famous attraction. Though it is all fun and games, it also has an environmental impact. The museum has already been fined for the dangers that the plastic sprinkles pose for the environment as they slip into storm drains and litter sidewalks.

Museum of Ice Cream’s founder is Maryellis Bunn, a 25 year old with a goal to open 180 Museum of Ice Creams worldwide. In an interview with NY Mag, she stated that she wants to be, “the next Disney. I could take all of those different installations…and I could build them out into city blocks. It would be my Heaven. Could you imagine?”

Though it is a cute and unique place, some people have criticized the price and experience itself. To some, it is less like a museum and more like a pretty Instagram spot.

“It’s worth half the price,” says Austin Shima, Bioengineering ‘18. At San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream in January, visitors paid $44.50, which includes costs for the event and online processing fees.

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