Intramurals Emanate Positive Impact on Student Life

PC: Pacific Recreation

Last week marked the start of another season of intramural sports here at the University of the Pacific. With only two seasons per semester, many students on campus view it as a great opportunity to be active and get involved in campus life. Intramural sports have consistently brought different organizations and clubs from all parts of the Stockton campus to compete in a multitude of sports. It encompasses traditional sports such basketball and soccer and fun twists to others, such as bubble soccer and flag football.

Franky Shepherd ‘18, an active participant in intramurals and the Athletics Chair of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, believes that it is an integral part of the student experience.

“I have been playing intramurals since my freshman year here and I find it a fun way to get out and play the sports I have been playing for years now,” Shepherd said. That positivity and other aspects of it have students hoping that it continues in its growth and outreach to the rest of the student body.

Many organizations and clubs participate in intramurals at Pacific. With two seasons per semester, many find it very flexible, and the games set during the night make it convenient for students of different backgrounds to come together. The encouragement of an active student life is essential to maintaining a very positive environment for all participants and clubs being represented.

Jesse Hill, president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, agrees that not only is the organization seen in a positive light but it helps with its recruitment of new members.

“Freshmen who join a fraternity intramural team form a strong bond with their teammates, which lends itself to recruitment. Pike athletics allows us to find the school’s best competitors, who are interested in contributing to our winning culture.”

The outreach efforts for organizations are improved thanks to intramurals, and it can connect students that may not interact in any other setting outside of the intramural sport team they play on. The bonds of connecting students that consider themselves athletes and students trying the sport for the first time make it an exciting learning and networking opportunity. An understated benefit from joining intramurals include time management, leadership opportunities and gaining organizational and networking skills.

Going beyond just the benefits on a communal and interaction level, Dustin Rich, the Graduate Assistant of Competitive Sports & Outdoor Adventures, believes the emotional, physical and psychological benefits are the true beauty and main purpose of Pacific Rec setting up Intramurals.

“It is a great way to be active and to get 60 minutes to socialize and meet people,” Rich said.

This Intramural sports season of Indoor Soccer, 4 vs. 4 flag football and 5 vs. 5 basketball may have just begun last week, but Rich ensured that preparation for it has been made long beforehand. He specifically cited improvements and changes in the marketing area with new promotional videos, flyers, newsletters and tabling.

Pacific Recreation has also undergone a re-branding and change in slogan to “Move. Play. Explore.” Employees have also received sleek new t-shirts. Pacific’s funding for Pacific Rec and Intramural sports has been steady in recent years and the department currently plans on expanding in areas such as their Tiger Escapes trips, which are weekend hiking trips around California. Pacific Recreation has goals of getting more students to check out their facilities, participate in fun challenges, attend Tiger X workout classes, and join teams for intramural sports.

Season Two registration for the spring opened up Wednesday, and sports such as outdoor soccer and indoor volleyball are available to participate in for all those students looking to have a great time with friends and organizations.

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