A Look Inside the Quirks of Pacific

The Burns Tower Twitter account may be unofficial, but it certainly is amusing.   PC: Pacific Media Relations

When you have been attending Pacific for long enough, you begin to pick up on its quirks. From elementary students flooding the UC on school tours, to the melodic singing of Burns Tower, it all just becomes part of the experience of attending the University.

But if you’ve missed out on a few of these Pacific exclusive whims, we’ve got you covered!

For starters, how many students are aware of the Media X major dab? Known among Media X majors, it’s sort of like a regular dab, except both arms are utilized to make an “X.”

Many Media X majors dabble in this form of greeting, sometimes even doing it in unison.

Also, social media has played a role in highlighting aspects that are unique to Pacific.

One Instagram account, dubbed “bathroomsofpacific,” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an account that posts photos of the various bathrooms here at Pacific. The Instagram account exemplifies the beautiful diversity of our bathrooms, from the spotless Alumni house bathrooms, to the library bathroom on the second floor without a stall around one of the toilets.

On occasions, “bathroomsofpacific” will post photos of the bathrooms with the caption “name that bathroom!” Essentially, whoever runs the account is on a quest to highlight every single bathroom here at Pacific, especially the lesser known ones.

Another Instagram account, albeit more questionable, is called “pacifictreevaginas.” Though this may sound rather kinky, the account posts photos of trees around pacific with indents that hilariously, look like vaginas. It can’t be said what the exact endeavor of this Instagram account is, but it can be said that it is strangely amusing.

On Twitter, a new account has risen, labeled “Burns Tower.” With a biography that reads “daily dose of bongs,” the account tweets a series of “bongs” at each new hour. Incredibly simplistic, yet sort of genius.

At a time when our country is so divided, it is heartwarming to know that Pacific students can revel in harmony to our university’s many quirks. After all, if we’re gonna be in debt, we might as well get a few laughs out of it.

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