Brickyard Series Showcases Students’ Musical Talent

Gabriel Ojeda ’20 performs at The Lair.                                                     PC: Amaris Woo

On certain Thursdays, musical artists perform at The Lair for The Brickyard Series. Last Thursday, November 9th, the band The Honey Toads and singer/songwriter Gabriel Ojeda stunned the crowd with their musical prowess.

Gabriel Ojeda, Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Music Management ‘20, performed for the first hour. He accompanied his voice with his guitar-playing as he sang some covers and two of his original songs.

It was his first official performance at the University, and he had a blast singing in front of his fellow peers.

“Usually I perform in front of people who I don’t know very well,” Ojeda explained. “This time, I performed in front of a lot of my friends and fellow classmates.”

When asked if he had any advice for aspiring singers, he humbly stated that he considered himself to still be an aspiring artist, but also gave useful tips.

“I would strongly recommend just going out and playing very often so you can experience more shows and learn from your experience,” Ojeda said. “Especially in the beginning, there will be a lot of mistakes but as you keep performing and practicing you’ll get better and better and your confidence will grow.”

Ojeda also noted the importance of taking care of one’s voice. He advises warming up one’s voice before singing and drinking plenty of water.

Above all, Ojeda stated that the most important factor is to challenge yourself. “Always try to become better than you are, and work on your voice, guitar skills, piano skills, or whatever your instrument is!”

The Honey Toads perform at The Lair, featuring Joe DeMars ’20 (right) on the bass. PC: Amaris Woo

The Honey Toads performed for the second half of the show. Considered a Bay Area indie rock band, the group consists of four members: bassist Joe DeMars, Music Industry Studies ‘18, guitarist Jack Hogan, drummer Dominic Bergamini and vocalist Nick Cafiero (who also plays electric ukulele). While DeMars is a student at Pacific, the rest of the members are his good friends from Petaluma, California. They also performed a mix of covers and original pieces.

Stayed tuned for announcements from ASuop Arts and Entertainment for future installments of the Brickyard Series.

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Amaris Woo