Students Explore Opportunities at Internship and Career Fair

On September 26th, Pacific hosted its first Fall Internship and Career Fair in the DeRosa University Center Ballroom. Employers from a multitude of local and international businesses attended the fair offering internships, full time positions, and part-time positions. Also in attendance were some well-dressed students from our very own University of the Pacific.

The main organizer of the career fair was Chris Haruta, Director for Corporate and Employer Engagement. Haruta explained that putting on such an extensive event so near the beginning of the year was not without its challenges. One such challenge, she said, was, “Making them [students] understand that it’s not too early in the academic year to start talking to employers and start looking for opportunities.”

Furthermore, Haruta explained that the goal of the fair was to help not only upperclassmen to find jobs, but also to help underclassmen gain experience in networking with employers; the experience allowed them to inquire into a diverse range of job opportunities.

One student, Thuy Doan, Business Economics ’19, was eager to explore the variety of opportunities that the career fair had to offer her. She explained that although she wasn’t looking for a specific job, she loved the professional atmosphere of the fair as well as the liberty to gain insight on careers she would never have otherwise investigated.

The career fair attracted employers from such fields as business marketing, education, international studies, engineering, and more. Many employers said that they were looking for students with attributes such as: dedication, motivation, and forward thinking. Yvette Dooley, a recruiter at Learning Arts, attended the career fair to offer students a part-time position at her company.

“I think this is a great career fair, probably one of the best I’ve been to,” Dooley said. “I love how I was able to engage with students on a deeper level than I usually am because a lot of them came here expecting to learn more about the workplace.”

From the perspectives of students, organizers, and even the employers in attendance, the career fair was unanimously considered a success. Students left the fair with a better understanding of when and how to look for jobs, and employers left with a better understanding of their prospective applicants. In order to enrich your understanding of the workplace, make sure to iron your dress shirts and polish up your resumes for Pacific’s next career fair in the spring!

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