Celebrating Native Culture Over Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, many students went out of town to visit family, hang out with friends and just relax before the semester becomes busy and intense. For the students who hung out on campus over the weekend, they got to experience a weekend of Native American music, food, dancing, and culture.

From Sept. 1-3, the University of the Pacific hosted the 36th Annual Labor Day Pow Wow near the Wendell Phillips Center lawn. The event was organized by Chris Rosado and David Wilson from the Stockton Pow Wow Committee and Dr. Ines Ruiz-Huston from the Pacific Latino Outreach.

Native American culture does not often get attention in the media and popular culture. The few times that Indigenous people and culture are in the spotlight, they are usually misportrayed or told from a limited white Euro-American perspective. It still surprises me how little some Pacific students, by no fault of their own, know about Native American history and culture. The Labor Day Pow Wow was a fun and welcoming opportunity for Pacific students and Stockton residents to have a first-hand experience of indigenous culture.

Despite the summer heat reaching temperatures over 100°F, people were taking the time to stop by and enjoy the Pow Wow. There were traditional native dancers and drummers, vendors selling jewelry, flutes, and clothing, and plenty of food like indian tacos, fry bread, and buffalo burgers. There was definitely a lot to see and if the heat became too much, there were snow cones to help people cool down.

For students who missed out on the event, remember that this was the 36th Annual Labor Day Pow Wow and that the 37th Annual Pow Wow will probably just as educational and enjoyable.

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