Pike’s Homeless Event Is Turning Heads

Recently, it was announced that the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity would be hosting a philanthropy event to raise awareness regarding the homeless problem in Stockton. Members of the Pike fraternity will be “living” on the UC lawn, outside, for a period of time, mimicking the struggles the homeless go through.

While being done for a good cause, some have asked if this is really helping. Individuals who have chosen to remain anonymous believe that such a demonstration is more patronizing than helpful, as the members of the fraternity would not actually be living on the streets of Stockton as the homeless do.

This event is similar to something former student Xavier Mountain did recently. Mountain spent two weeks living on the streets of Stockton with the homeless to raise awareness as well.

When asked about this philanthropy event, Mountain said “It’s great that student’s are raising awareness about the homeless in Stockton. It goes to show that one individual’s actions can inspire others to take action as well.”

Other organizations are also taking initiative to create awareness about homelessness, the Promise Scholars and Success Trio being among them. These organizations also followed suit in raising money throughout the campus for the local homeless shelter.

It seems that Mountain views this positively, and this event does aim to raise awareness, which it will accomplish. Any actions the students of Pacific take for charity are always positive.

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