Pacific Circle K’s 24 Hour Weekend of Service

Written by: David Duy Ngo

Over the last weekend of Feb. 25 -26, Circle K International (CKI) has had a “literal” full weekend of service! The weekend started off with Capital Large Scale Service Project and ended with a whole night of crafting events for the homeless and children. Both projects took months of planning and love from our Pacific Students.


Capital Large Scale Service Project (CLSSP) is a large project involving eight Circle K clubs from Sacramento State (SAC), UC Davis (UCD), Folsom Lake College (FLC), UC Merced (UCM), San Jose State(SJS), UN Reno (UN Reno), San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) and of course University of the Pacific (UOP). The project was executed and planned by a committee consisting of eight members from all over: David Duy Ngo, Co-Chair (UOP), Roselyn Duong, Co-Chair (SAC), Joshua Ranario (UOP), Zahin Rahman (SAC), Albert Chiem (SAC), Tiffany Hoang (UCD), Jeb Chua (FLC) and Joey Pontillas (UNR)


On that day from 9 a.m., over 100 volunteers came to Stockton to serve at Boggs Tract Community Farm. After a short but energetic pep rally, Circle K went to business. The 100+ volunteers were split into eight groups, each in charge of a section of the farm. There were teams working on weeding a large area, teams tending the chicken coop, and teams building and filling countless compost bins to prepare of Bogg’s upcoming events.

Team names and team cheers could be heard throughout the event: “Coconuts! … Bananas! … Oaks!”

The spirit and energy of the volunteers populated the farm for the duration of CLSSP. Volunteers were working sweat and almost “literally” blood for 2 hours and then continued with a last 30 minute sprint of service to finish what we have started.


The event became a huge success! Circle K finished what would have taken the Boggs Staff weeks to accomplish within a couple hours. However, service did not stop there. Circle K still had the rest of the weekend to fill!


After CLSSP, members of Pacific Circle K came back to campus to set up for the remainder of the 24 Hour Service Project planned and executed by Linda Nguyen and Ryan Su. From 5 p.m. until the next day at 8 a.m., Circle K and Alpha Phi Omega worked tirelessly to work on multiple projects: Pediatric dolls for St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, goodie bags for children, scarves and pillows for the homeless and hygiene packages and lunch bags for the homeless.


Not only was this a night of service, but the fellowship that members from CKI and APO expressed to one another was strong. For many of the members that night, it was the first time meeting each other. However, that did not stop them from making new friends through face masks, sing alongs to High School Musical, scary stories and a pancake breakfast made in-house by Delta College Circle K.


Circle K ended their weekend of service at 9 a.m. by all going to Stockton Shelter for the Homeless and distributed all of their items to those who needed them. For many members, it was an eye-opening and emotional experience as they directly impacted every individual that day.


What an amazing way to spend a weekend of service! With every project making a great impact to the community and especially to the members planned by our very own Pacific students, Circle K has truly embrace our three tenets: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship.

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Ray Wong