The Power of The Women’s March

On January 21st, an estimated 2.6 million women across the United States and throughout the globe marched the streets in the name of women’s rights. While the main march took place in Washington D.C, women from all areas of the world rallied together to march for what they believed in.

The march included people of all genders and ages, along with some celebrities such as Emma Watson, Gina Rodriguez, Rowan Blanchard, and Miley Cyrus.

Although the protest might be the largest demonstration in United States history, it didn’t go without hefty criticism. Many people view the march as “pointless,” and that protesting will not keeping Donald Trump from remaining as president. However, that is not the sole purpose of this march.

The goal of the Women’s March was not to impeach Trump, but to demonstrate solidarity for the security of our rights and safety — and to show our leaders that diversity and acceptance is powerful.

The march was also not exclusive to just women. The rhetoric of the election deeply threatened the LGBT community, women, and people of color alike. The sake of this march was for these communities to rally together and demonstrate unity, despite their differences. Along with women’s rights, the march brought attention to LGBT rights, islamophobia, immigration, the Flint water crisis, and climate change.

Protesting is ingrained deep within America’s history, and is the reason why many people have the rights that they do today. Marching for what you believe in is how the oppressed have their voices be heard. It is ridiculous to say that people should just “sit down and accept” their humanity being threatened, because when everyone protests as a united front, change is possible.

The Anti-Trump overtones are not invalid, also. Trump is guilty of treating women as objects and bragging about sexual assault. To have a man who does not respect or value women hold the position as President is a huge step back from the progress we have made as a country. The Women’s March exhibited that women will not step down or allow the new administration to devalue them. Our voices are loud and they will be heard, along with other citizens of all different genders, sexualities, and religions.

If anything, the Women’s March was also pivotal in educating the public of what it means to be a feminist and how the power of the people will always be greater than the people in power. By protesting, we are bringing attention to issues that are often ignored. The more people that are aware, the more progress can be made.

Many people are unsure about what the next four years will hold, and the uncertainty is quite scary. What is reassuring, however, is knowing that their are millions of others willing to stand up for each other’s rights. The Women’s March was a powerful demonstration that will make the history books, and it most definitely won’t be the last.

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