DREAM Ice Cream in Stockton

DREAM Ice Cream in Stockton

Ice cream lovers and those looking to try new things, rejoice! On Jan. 21, DREAM (Desserts Rule Everything Around Me) Ice Cream Parlor opened on 5052 West Lane Suite H in Stockton.

But DREAM isn’t like your average Baskin Robbins. While the ice cream parlor has the average flavors such as cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake, and chocolate — DREAM also boasts more unique flavors such as Ube, Green Tea, and Thai Tea.

The shop also offers many options in having your ice cream served. Customers can have it with a puffle,which is a bubble waffle, along with two toppings. It can also be served as a “dream bun,” where they put the ice cream inside a donut bun. Or the ice cream can be served with an iceberg, which is a homemade honey butter brick toast, along with toppings. Lastly, customers can have the ice cream served by the scoop or as a milkshake. The prices are also quite reasonable, as the serving sizes are very generous.

The puffles can be served regular, green tea or chocolate flavor. The soft bubble waffle compliments the ice cream incredibly well, not being too sweet or overriding the ice cream flavor.

The dream bun can be served as a glazed or non-glazed donut, and is also quite filling.

What makes DREAM so spectacular is the influence of different Asian cultures within the deserts. The puffles originate from Hong Kong, and the honey brick toast from Japan. Many of the flavors are what one would expect to find at a Milktea shop, with many customers never having Thai Tea or Ube ice cream beforehand.

The myriad of dessert options is complimented well by the open and friendly atmosphere of the parlor. The couches give a very friendly vibe, along with the different games that customers can play while enjoying their desserts.

What is even more incredible are two of the store’s owners, Brian Shin, 20, and Dawson Phan, 22.

As two young men who grew up in Stockton, Shin and Phan aimed to give back to their community by giving it something it has never seen before.

DREAM has proven to be incredibly popular, as most of its advertisements takes places on social media where Stockton’s youth can see it.

“We self-funded this business, we’re getting so much love on social media and all we can say is thank you,” Phan said.

Shin and Phan hope that their hard work inspires Stockton’s youth to chase after their dreams and give back to their community.

The opening of DREAM Ice Cream Parlor is a gift to the community, as there is none like it within Stockton. With the various desert options, amicable environment, and great prices — DREAM is definitely more than worth it.

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