A Movie For Your Ears: MOSAIC Review

A Movie For Your Ears: MOSAIC Review

“Sonic picture” is the innovation that Ted Lin-Cereghino and over twenty different college students across the nation dropped as a mixtape this weekend. MOSAIC (shoutout to Sarah Lim for the name) is a 20-track mixtape with a cinematic hip hop genre. Ted calls it a “sonic picture” because it features the voice acting, the score, and the narrative of a motion picture, yet you can only hear the experience.

Lin-Cereghino was inspired by science fiction and action movie soundtracks such as Cowboy Bebop and Star Wars. He explains the premise of the mixtape as follows:

The plot chronicles the adventures of voyager-class starship crew stuck in the middle of the Titan Wars. The Titan Wars is a futuristic war concept where private military companies of Earth and a now-colonized Mars are contracted by each planet’s oil drilling companies to fight for control of the Saturn moon, Titan, and its hydrocarbon/methane reserves. The mixtape’s scenes follow the crew’s action-packed, and often times humorous, adventures.

An epic experience, MOSAIC is clearly an innovative piece of work. What I find super interesting is the incorporation of students across schools and different disciplines, all for the sake of good music. An almost full year effort, students from other colleges collaborated on this project, many from University of the Pacific: Ted Lin-Cereghino (BeatsmastahT), Sarah Lim (Sawabearwah), Roy Tianyu Xie, Oliver Medina, Neil Reiher, Kim Narciso, John Kim (JSK), Jason McGough (Ruff McGough), Isaac Kim (Isaac Smash), Grant Sebastian, Frederic Yang, Antonio Tran (Liptonio Iced Tea), Alejandro Velarde (NIPS), Aaron Miyagi (Mista Miyagi), Andres Rodriguez.

You can take a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/beatsmastaht/sets/mosaic.


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