A Letter from The Pacifican – Editor Note


Happy Homecoming, Pacific students!

While we celebrate our welcoming back of alumni to campus this week, we have an update for our readers. The Pacifican is having to make changes this year due to nancial hardships. We continue to work hard to compensate for reductions in Student Life funding, newspaper costs, and difficulty filling our sales positions this summer. With the help of members of the newly reformed Student Media Board, led by Marge Grey, The Pacifican is hopeful in being restored to the self-sustaining campus news source from the days of old. Also aiding in the revitalizing of the newspaper and online news source are ASUOP Senate who spoke passionately about the options to provide addi- tional resources at this week’s public meeting on the UC lawn.

We know the voice of the people is an important and critical part of this campus. We continue to strive to provide the latest in what’s new at UOP. With that being said, we are transitioning to a monthly or twice-monthly newspaper until funds have been secured that would enable the sta and editors of The Pacifican to maintain its full strength. We also continue to encourage our student writers to share their stories, views and events so that we may have a broader scope than our immediate classes and studies. Thank you for your support and, as always, feel free to write to pacificaneditors@pacific.edu. This issue is dedicated to the history and highlights of our historical newspaper.

Tigers Roar!


Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017

About Jeremy Gottschalk

Editor-in-Chief of The Pacifican 2016-17.

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Jeremy Gottschalk

Editor-in-Chief of The Pacifican 2016-17.