Breaking New Ground Planned For January 2018

Breaking New Ground Planned For January 2018



Pacific stuck their golden shovels into the ground on Sept. 21, 2016, to celebrate the new upper-division housing project, symbolizing the first one in 15 years.

From Regents to students, eager people attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony to hear about the new residence hall that is projected to be finished in Jan. 2018. The new residence hall, specifically not “dorm,” will be located North of the Calaveras River, replacing the Hal Nelson tennis courts. This is just phase one of a comprehensive housing plan.

Patrick Day, Vice President of Student Life, explained the project as a way to “[provide] opportunities for our students, for living and learning.” Followed by President Pamela Eibeck and Executive Director of Residential Life & Housing, Tory Brouillard-Bruce, they hope the new residence hall will be a “catalyst for student success and an enhancement to residential living.” Lastly, as a representative for Pacific students, president of Residence Hall Association, James McQuire, made the comment that we are “breaking new ground to make our foundations bigger.”

In Jan. 2018, we are expecting a four story development, holding 381 beds, shared spaces, and indoors and outdoors function. This building is in construction now and will stand as a monument for decades and generations to come. Although Pacific embraces its antique buildings, this will be a welcome surprise for alumni returning with younger generations.

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