Pacific Hosts Student Involvement Week

Pacific Hosts Student Involvement Week


It goes without saying that the University of the Pacific is a prestigious school with many noteworthy qualities. One of the qualities is the dedication and care the university shows toward their on-campus clubs and organizations, from fraternities and sororities to the cultural clubs. ASuop is in charge of overseeing these organizations. They provide room reservations, advertis- ing, funding, event planning, educational workshops, and much more to Pacific students and their organization.

Last Saturday, September 17th, ASuop held their annual Registered Student Organization (RSO) Orientation. The RSO Orientation is an event all presidents and treasurers of on-campus organizations have to attend to learn regulations involving recruitment, funding, advertising, and other practices. Organizations are also being encouraged to utilize OrgSync, a website designed to help organizations keep track of members, post events, and much more.

The RSO Orientation did take place on a weekend morning.While many students dreaded having to attend the orientation, they still showed up because they cared about their clubs and organizations and were willing to sacrifice a part of their Saturday for them. Patrick Day, Vice President of Student Life, reminded those students in attendance that they are leaders and that their commitment is making a difference for their organizations and they should feel a sense of pride in their role as leaders.

With Pacific’s Student Involvement Fair being hosted last week on September 14, there were some questions as to how active these clubs and Greek organizations will be on campus. Hopefully, time will show a growth in student involvement and Pacific’s organizations will bring positive attention to the University of the Pacific. Pacific’s clubs and organizations will have the support from ASuop and Student Involvement Office to make students’ experiences fun and memorable.

Photo Courtesy: Ray Wong. Students check out a demonstration at one of over 100 booths at last week’s Student Involvement Fair at the UC Lawn.

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