Pacific Attends Fifth Stockton Comic Convention

       On Saturday and Sunday, August 20 & 21st, Stockton Con was held at the Stockton Arena in the downtown area of Stockton. For those not familiar with the event, Stockton Con is a comic book and pop culture convention held annually in the city of Stockton, drawing crowds from all over the Northern California area, including those from our very own University of the Pacific.

     Admission into the Stockton Con was reasonable and fair for a convention and could either be paid at various ticket locations prior to the actual event or at the door on the day of the Stockton Con. There was also an opportunity to volunteer to help out at Stockton Con through St. Mary’s Dining Room and receive free admission and volunteers who would work a whole day would receive a free Stockton Con t-shirt.

     What did students and guests get out of their Stockton Con experience? Well, there was definitely enough to last an entire weekend. For one, there were several panels and shows that guests could attend, including a geek fashion show, a Q&A with Michael Dorn from Star Trek: The Next Generation, a panel on body image and diversity in comics with Chunky Girl Comics, a panel on comic book artist Jae Lee, and so much more. If guests had more of an interest in something competitive there were opportunities to enter card game tournaments or video game tournaments.
For those who were interested in expanding their collections or starting new collections, there were plenty of vendors selling vintage and new comic books, posters from classic and upcoming movies, action figures and plushies from dozens upon dozens of fan bases, and other collectables and memorabilia. It was definitely a day to remember to bring cash since it is not uncommon to spend 100 dollars or more on an exclusive statue of the Joker or on a large stack of classic X-Men comic books.

     Stockton Con was also an opportunity to meet talented artists and writers who are either veterans of the comic book industry or just breaking into the industry with their own independent works. Interested in collecting original art? It was easy to find prints and original drawings to purchase from the artists themselves. Many of these artists were also open to talking to guests about their personal work and offered their own advice on how to get into the industry.

     After all is said and down, guests could spend their day walking through the arena enjoying time with their fellow fans and geeks. It was not too difficult to find someone who would be happy to talk about the newest episode of Steven Universe, the upcoming Fall anime, or the reviews for Suicide Squad. And for anyone who needed something personal to remind them of their time at Stockton Con, there were many cosplayers who were happy to stop and take pictures. All in all, Stockton Con was a good way to end the break before gathering textbooks and reviewing class schedules, and for those who missed out, no need to worry, Stockton Con will be back next year, though the date is still to be decided.


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Editor-in-Chief of The Pacifican 2016-17.

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Jeremy Gottschalk

Editor-in-Chief of The Pacifican 2016-17.