letter from THE PRESIDENT

letter from THE PRESIDENT

Dear University of the Pacific Class of 2016,
Congratulations! You have earned your degree! You’ve met every challenge and overcome every obstacle to get to this happy day. Your degree will open many doors to you throughout your life, and the education it represents will help you build the future of your dreams.
I couldn’t be prouder of you, and of everyone who helped you in your success. I am proud of our hardworking graduates, proud of our world-class faculty, proud of our remarkable staff. On behalf of everyone at your alma mater, I thank every member of the class for your important contributions to the Pacific experience.
Parents and families, this is a special weekend for you as well. You get to celebrate with your students as they accomplish a major milestone in their lives. Know that you have also become lifelong Pacificans during your students’ studies. You will always have a home here at Pacific.
Class of 2016, you are setting out on your next chapter at a remarkable time. Recent headlines have declared that job growth for newly minted college graduates is very strong. This is an exciting time of change and possibility.
Today’s world is complex, fast-paced and dynamic. It demands critical minds, ethical hearts and a willingness to work together. Fortunately, the education you received at University of the Pacific has prepared you to thrive in this world, and to make a positive difference. Everything we do here at Pacific has this goal in mind, from the professor doing fieldwork with her students, to the gardener tending the immaculate grounds, to the public safety officer who helps a student properly lock his bike. Everything we do is for our students. Everything we do is for this day, when hundreds of Pacific graduates leave the University ready to change the world.
In the coming years, you are going to meet people who think change is unlikely or even impossible. But a University of the Pacific graduate knows a thing or two about a Good Society.
How will you take what you’ve learned at Pacific and use it to make this world a brighter place? How can you — with your intelligence and your integrity and your strength and your education — how can you make a difference?
From here on out, the world you get will be the one you make. And I know you can make it a finer one for all.
Have a wonderful Commencement! I cannot wait to see the amazing things you do in the coming years.

Pam Eibeck

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