Eight tips to help you land the perfect internship

Eight tips to help you land the perfect internship

You might not be thinking about your summer plans since it’s only February; nevertheless, if you’re interested in getting an internship, it’s the perfect time to start mulling over some ideas. Now is the ideal time to start your job search and send out some resumes. Here are some tips to help you land your dream internship.
1. Figure out where you’re going to be for the majority of the summer. Are you staying in Stockton or returning home for the break? This may influence your decision as to where you will apply.
2. Search for jobs. Whether you search online via Tiger Jobs or other job search websites, make sure you know what type of position you are looking for so you can narrow down your search. Are you looking for an internship that directly relates to your major, or something you are merely interested in? Do you need a paid internship, or are you okay with a non-paid position?
3. Update your LinkedIn profile. By updating your profile, you’ll be able to get better job matches and more employers will be able to find you as well!
4. Cater your resume and cover letter to the place you are applying. Do not write one generic cover letter and send it to a myriad of employers. One company may be looking for a specific set of skills you have but did not list.
5. Use the Career Resource Center! The CRC is great with helping students with their resumes and cover letters, as well as connecting students to employers via mock interviews and job fairs.
6. Talk to your advisor about getting school credit. Internships help give you work experience, but they can also assist in your unit count in school. Why not get credit for experiential learning?
7. When it comes time for an interview, make sure to always appear professional. Dressing in nice business casual attire and looking put together is only part of what makes a great interview. Anticipate questions your interviewer may ask and be enthusiastic about the potential of getting this job. Also, ask your interviewer questions, as it shows you’re eager to learn more about the position.
8. Have fun and enjoy the application process! It might get a little stressful as you wait anxiously to hear back from employers, but if you put the hard work in, you’re bound to land a great internship.
Many companies have already started their intern hiring process for the summer quarter, so the sooner you get yourself out there, the better! Keep an open mind and be sure to utilize all the resources available to you.

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