Pacific funding for sustainable investments

Pacific funding for sustainable investments

Ever had an idea that could help make Pacific more green but didn’t know how to make that idea a reality?
Ever had a plan to save the environment but lacked the funds to make it happen? Well, the University wants to make those things a reality.
Established in 2012, the Sustainable Projects Investment Fund is an initiative by the university to help fund and put into action various plans and ideas students and faculty may have to help create green and sustainable projects on campus.
Since it was established, SPIF has funded projects to replace old light fixtures with new LED fixtures, add bikes that students can rent from the Baun Fitness Center, and placing additional recycling bins across campus.
Two ideas currently proposed include adding water bottle refill stations in the WPC and a plan to turn old banners into reusable tote bags that will be sold at sporting events on campus.
SPIF has made $150,000 available to invest in various different projects. Applications are being accepted through January 29th, at 5 PM.
Students and faculty across all three campuses are encouraged to submit an application for a potential sustainable project. Applications can be found on the university’s website.
Any additional questions can be handled by the sustainability coordinator, Kendra Bruno.

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