Baun’s “Aerial Arts” offers unique exercise opportunity

Baun’s “Aerial Arts” offers unique exercise opportunity

Aerial Art, more commonly known as “Pole Art,” is a new addition to the Tiger X Class schedule this semester. Aerial art recently gained popularity as a form of fitness and recreational sport; it helps to enhance strength, flexibility, endurance and core strength.
The one-hour class is taught by Esteban, who also teaches pole dancing classes at another gym here in Stockton.
The class offered at Baun Fitness Center, specifically, is an introductory class appropriate for any fitness level.
The various exercises showcase positions one might also see in yoga or pilates. Dance is also incorporated into the sessions.
While some of the moves may seem daunting at first, it’s easy to catch on if you stay at your own pace!
Even though the class emphasizes pole routines, the class of late has been more geared toward floor and wall exercises. Students are getting the opportunity to learn a full routine.
In the beginning of each session, Esteban takes the class through a series of stretches, previewing what movements they’ll focus on throughout the remainder of the class.
Next, he splits the class into groups and has everyone rotate through different exercises for a period of time. Continuous repetition of the same movement aids in fluidity and gives you a workout, as well!
Finally, at the end of the class, Esteban flips off the lights, turns on the music and lets each student act out a routine based on what they learned.
Kylee Schesser ’17, who attends Aerial Arts every week, expressed, “Personally, I consider the class my ‘me time,’ a time when I get to have fun, de-stress, and feel good about my body. It’s also such an accepting environment! Everyone is incredibly supportive and welcoming.”
The various movements taught in the class are very sensual, and it may seem embarrassing to try them out at first.
Nevertheless, this class gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and explore your “sexy” side.
Definitely check out this Tiger X Class on Mondays at 6:50 p.m. It’s fun, energizing and a little spicy!

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