ASuop hosts workshop breaking down club constitutions

ASuop hosts workshop breaking down club constitutions

On Oct. 26, Melany Crews, assistant director for student activities and leadership development, hosted the third Registered Student Organization Workshop. Crews earned a master’s degree in education from Montana State University in 2008 and has been working in student affairs since.
This workshop focused on breaking down exactly how to write a constitution or by-law for an on-campus organization.
Crews’ position at Pacific is relatively new; it is part of Pacific’s goals in reorganizing ASuop and creating more structure for clubs.
To become a Registered Student Organization on campus, organizations must have a constitution, a submitted signature page, a trained adviser and an updated OrgSync page. Additionally, the president and treasurer must have completed ASuop’s required training.
Crews emphasized that not only are constitutions helpful aids for the members and operations of the organization, but they are also now required in order to maintain active organization status.
Constitutions are important because they provide a written understanding and agreement to help members avoid confusion and resolve any problems that may arise.
“We are trying to make sure all our student organizations have constitutions and that you are using those as living documents for your organizations,” explained Crews.
Crews defined a constitution as “simply a set of written rules or an agreement governing the aims of your organization, how it will be run and how the members will work together.”
Constitutions must have the name of the organization, aims of the organization (purpose), membership, officers, meetings and finance and must constantly be amended.
Crews stressed the importance of finding your group’s values. She passed out a worksheet and asked club representatives to choose five values out of a list of 50 potential ones, which included words such as caring, collaboration, diversity, education, honesty, leadership, professionalism, respect, social justice, spirituality, teamwork, versatility, service, humor and achievement.
“The workshop is important because it’s important for clubs to know what their values are. If the values that you are circling don’t align with the values in your constitution, that’s not good,” revealed Crews.
At that point, amending and reexamining the constitution is the best route to take.
ASuop has a model charter available for student organizations to help them develop their own version. Within this template, there is required material that must be included verbatim, covering such topics as off-campus issues, nondiscrimination and eligibility of members.
Club officers and members should look out for upcoming Registered Student Organization events. They will be held for three more weeks on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. and Thursdays at noon in the

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