What Stockton has to offer

What Stockton has to offer

As a University that tops the lists on good looks, Pacific has the sort of campus that can make the morning walk to an 8 a.m. class bearable… sometimes even enjoyable.

From the greenery over your head to the brick paths at your feet, the 175 acres of park-like grounds are your place to call home for the next few years.

And you’ll likely find new things to love about it every week. But part of becoming a Tiger involves venturing offcampus to explore your new terrain. Stockton might seem like a jungle, but it’s packed with a lot of opportunity for fun.

Not sure where to get started? Don’t fret new Tigers; The Pacifican has you covered.

If you’re ready for a lowkey first outing, start with Tiger’s Yogurt. Accessible via a five-minute walk down Pacific Avenue, this hotspot college students together quite like navigating a twostory, 6,200 sq. ft. arena filled with fog, black lights and the sound of war cries.

Dominate as a team, go free-for-all — or maybe try both. Sessions are just under $10, with plenty of weekly deals and monthly specials. Reservations are not required. Visit zapszone.com for relevant pricing and hours of restaurants and events.

If you’re feeling adventurous, plan a day trip to the Stockton Marina, a veritable water-lover’s paradise. Walk around the waterfront to see if you can spot some wildlife, or get in the water and journey down the delta with a kayak rental — at $25 per day, it’s worth it. Delta cruises and boat rentals are also available regularly, but prices can run high. More information is available at visitstockton. org/marina.

If you’re looking for a little culture, browse the art and history collections housed at the Haggin Museum. Just over a mile away from campus, this underrated gem offers an educational escape from campus… without feeling too much like class.

Student admission is $5, but keep your eye out for monthly free days. The Haggin is open Wednesday through Sunday; visit hagginmusuem.org for hours. Okay, so maybe you really need to get away from campus? Don’t be afraid to embrace your collegiate freedom. Pile into a friend’s car (or rent a zipcar from zipcar.com/pacific), and set off for a hike in Yosemite, a trek around Lake Tahoe, an excursion in Sacramento or a touristy-trip to San Francisco.

Pacific’s location is ideal for whatever getaway suits your style. These next four years are yours, Tigers — get out there, go explore and grab plenty of memories along the way.

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