Proud to be a Tiger…the importance of homecoming

Proud to be a Tiger…the importance of homecoming

Welcome to Homecoming! In its third year since its re-establishment, Pacific boasts a myriad of events for parents, alumni, students and faculty to all enjoy. Homecoming is one of the biggest weekends Pacific has throughout the entire school year, primarily because the vast majority of the Pacific community can all be found in one place.
From Tiger Rally to the Homecoming Parade to the many reunion parties, the combination of Parents & Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend and the resurrection of Homecoming brings together all those who share one common trait: being a Tiger.
This weekend is so special to our campus, because we have the opportunity to share old memories while creating new ones. Students have the opportunity to meet former Tigers who were in their shoes not too long ago.

Academic-geared events like the Graphic Design Alumni Round Table and the History Department Alumni Career Panel present the possibility of making connections with alumni who are leaders in their industries or have made strides since graduating from Pacific.
Homecoming also shows our families what our sense of community is like daily at Pacific. Granted, we may not have a grand spirited event like Tiger Rally every weekend; nevertheless, the spirit of the Tiger is found each day throughout campus. From attending athletic games decked out in Pacific colors to participating in your favorite club’s activity, from becoming a part of Greek Life to presenting research at a conference, we exude Tiger pride each and every day.
Homecoming reminds us students that we must take advantage of the time we have here at Pacific, for one day it will be us returning 25 years after graduation to feel what it is like to be a Tiger on campus once again. The experience of being a Tiger, whether it’s only for a couple of years or for several, is uniquely special.
Even more importantly, Tiger pride can be felt on the streets of Stockton. We get to share our Homecoming spirit with the Stockton community with events like the Parade and the Brubeck Festival. All in all, this weekend is one to take pride in. There are so many events primarily geared toward celebrating the University and all those who are a part of it.
We extend a warm welcome to the parents who are joining us this weekend, as well as a welcome back to all alumni! Enjoy your time on campus and at the amazing events!
Have a great and safe Homecoming Weekend, Tigers!


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