Preview: The Pacifican seeks to investigate connection between China and University

Preview: The Pacifican seeks to investigate connection between China and University

The mayor of Stockton, Anthony Silva, recently went to China with mayors from 14 other California cities on a trade mission.
The trade mission hoped to foster greater connection between California cities, Stockton among them, and Chinese businesses.
A non-profit organization wishing to further business ties among Californians and the Chinese flew Mayor Silva, and the other mayors, to China for the mission.
In an email sent to the blog, Mayor Silva related his travels around China, especially Shanghai and Chengdu. While interacting with local business and political leaders, as well as civilians, Mayor Silva remarked on his hope that this trade mission would provide greater investment and opportunity for the city of Stockton.
In one example, he looked out at the harbor in Shanghai and thought of the potential development that could be undertaken on the Waterfront.
Closer to home, the University is also fostering connections with China.
Apart from our Chinese international students, our University has many connections to China. Pacific is home to many students of Chinese descent across the three campuses, and the Dean of the Graduate School and Chair of the Communication Department are of Chinese descent.
The Dean of the College of the Pacific has been seeking to create new partnerships with China to create new academic opportunities for students in both countries.
In national news, President Xi Jinping of China met with President Barack Obama on Friday at The White House.
They met to discuss trade relations, cyber-security and territorial issues. This is after President Xi visited other areas of the US such as Los Angeles. The Pacifican has decided to look into the connection between University of the Pacific and China further. Make sure to look out for our article in an upcoming issue.
The Pacifican plans on interviewing Dean Fraden, as well as Department Chair of Communications Qingwen Dong.
The Pacifican hopes to investigate how the University, across all three campuses, is attempting to foster academic connections with China and Chinese students. In addition, The Pacifican hopes this will help to educate readers on the connections the two countries and the university shares.
The email Mayor Silva sent can be accessed online at

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