Just a decade ago…

Just a decade ago…

VP Candidate Peter Camejo speaks at Pacific.
Pacific family camp sold
Ambassador to Haiti Janet Sanderson comes to speak
Boston Red Sox lead World Series
Chief Justice Rehnquist hospitalized with thyroid cancer on october 29th.
November 14th, 2004 Pacific hosts first annual Lunafest
Women’s soccer ends season with 7 wins 6 losses and 6 draws
Pacific celebrates nontraditional student month
Navy League founded by Dr. Carol Ann Hackley on campus
President Bush reelected on November 2nd.
Pike holds “Hit of Reality” fundraiser to help the homeless. Activities include sleeping outside on the streets.
SIS hold party to raise money for African village in Kenya.
“thefacebook.com” begins to gain popularity on campus
Women’s cross country ends season with 3 records set in 1 meet and defeats D1 Team for first time.
Women’s Field Hockey ends season with head coach Linda Macdonald winning conference coach of the year, sophomore Vann Campos gaining spot on NFHCA all west region first team, sophomore Laura Maurer with NorPac MVP, senior Lindey Roudi places in top ten most goals scored in a season with 8
Women’s soccer ends with conference record of 3-2-4. Gains highest number of ties in nation with 4.
Pacific celebrates international week
9 year anniversary of decision to suspend division 1A football at pacific
Baun fitness center hosts 5th annual bench press competition on 12/3
Green Day’s “American Idiot” and Kanye West’s “The College Dropout” are released
Pacifican releases sex, drugs and rock and roll special edition
Bush is inaugurated as president for the second time on Jan. 20.
The Indian Ocean Tsunami occurs on Jan. 27.
Dr.Cornel West speaks at Pacific in honor of Black History Month
Patriots win the Superbowl for second time in a row on February 6th.
Pacific community meets to discuss Campus Master Plan. Improvements are planned until 2014. Among them, the UC, Bio Building and South Side Gym are discussed.
Pacific announces 5.4 percent tuition increase
Klein Family Field, Janssen-Lagorio Gymnasium and Tennis Clubhouse are planned for construction
Men;s Basketball is ranked 18th in the nation
Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide at age 67
Men’s Basketball ends season 17th in nation and 19 game winning streak. Top seed for Big West Conference tournament
Men’s swim team become Big West Champions
Men’s Basketball 8th seed in NCAA, Big West champions, undefeated in Big West play, 2nd year in row in the NCAA, only 7th time in history
Men’s tennis ranked 73rd in nation
Pacific becomes first university to open student exchanges with country of Rwanda. Rwandan president visits campus.
Sophomore women’s softball first baseman Jennifer Curtier matched season record with 12 home runs
Men’s volleyball ends with 12-18 record and 7th loss in a row
Women’s tennis ends with 17-5
Men’s tennis sweep Big West conference honors for 2nd year in row. Coach of the Year award for Head Coach Guido Baumann. Player of the Year for junior Anar Sigurdsson.
Men’s baseball sees junior Luke Massetti win Big West Pitcher of the Year.

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