Examine the writings of naturalist John Muir

Examine the writings of naturalist John Muir

year, the William Knox Holt Memorial Library is showcasing a new exhibit featuring the writings of naturalist John Muir. The exhibit will run through mid-October.
John Muir was a noted naturalist, philanthropist, inventor and environmentalist during the late 19th century. Originally of Scottish origin, Muir spent time in the large wilderness areas of the United States, especially California.
Muir’s writings on the environment and his journeys have been considered among the seminal works of environmentalism. He is also credited as being the first to argue in favor of preserving large swaths of nature.
Additionally, Muir founded the Sierra Club, one of the oldest and largest environmentalist organizations in the U.S. His letters to Congress in 1890 led to the passage of the bill that created the modern National Parks system.
The University of the Pacific is currently host to the largest collection of Muir’s writings in the U.S. Portions of these writings will be on display at the exhibit.

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