Becoming a Tiger

Becoming a Tiger

Many wonder at what point they’ve earned their stripes and can truly call themselves a Tiger.

You’ve already accepted your invitation to come to Pacific and experienced what it’s like to be on campus for a few days, but have you felt what it means it be a Tiger?

Falling into the routine of going to class, eating at the UC and finishing the day studying in your dorm room is what the quintessential college experience is. But what makes going to Pacific different? What makes being a Tiger special?

Well, there are experiences that are novel and unique to the average Pacific student that no other college can replicate. for instance, Block Party. One of the biggest events of the entire school year is on the first day everyone returns to campus, giving everyone the opportunity to reconnect after the long summer and introducing new Tigers to veteran ones.

It starts to sink in that you’re officially a college student as you get to know your hall-mates and attend various happenings on campus, like open mic night at the Lair or even the first women’s soccer game of the season.

Besides all the awesome events you can participate in during the first few weeks of school, what really makes you a Tiger is the spirit you’ll carry within you. Take pride in where you go to school, and flaunt it everywhere you go!

From going off campus to a local restaurant to visiting home over the fall weekend break, showing off your Tiger stripes is what makes being a student at Pacific so much more valuable.

For me, I truly felt I was a part of the Tiger family after my first full week on campus. I found a cohesive group of friends that I could grab dinner and go to volleyball games with. As my friends and I wandered into Alex G. Spanos Center for the first volleyball game of the year, I looked around and saw hundreds of my peers, all wearing black and orange. In that moment, I knew I’d found a place I could take pride in. I knew I’d found a home.

One day, when you’re strolling through campus, you’ll look out fondly at all the vibrant foliage and beautiful brick buildings. Even though it’ll likely be over 90 degrees outside, you’ll realize this is home.

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