Be a Tiger that ROARS!

Be a Tiger that ROARS!

It’s easy to sink into the shadows during your first semester of college. With so many new things going on, it can easily become overwhelming. That is expected!

The transition from high school to university is a large step into a new social environment. It is easy to tune out what’s going on around you, especially for introverts.

fight that urge! As much comfort as there is in being a wallflower, there are so many opportunities for growth and experimentation ahead of you.

The difference between watching an event happen and being in the event are the memories and friendships that can be built. All it takes is for you to dive into the social pool, and get to know the student body around you.

“But how?” You may ask. Get involved with clubs that you find interesting. Here at Pacific, there are all sorts of clubs catering to different tastes, from photography to Quidditch. Lucky for us, there will be a huge club mixer on Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 4-6 p.m. on the University lawn (in front of the DUC).

University of the Pacific also has a great Greek community, filled with social fraternities and sororities. Take a walk down Greek Circle and soak in the sights. These buildings have been around for decades and are filled with historical experiences.

To become involved in one, simply take interest and check out their recruitment booths for more information. In the fall, you can participate in an informal rush with a house, or wait until spring for a formal recruitment experience.

But social clubs aren’t the only option — academic societies exist as well. for most majors, there is a professional fraternity to become involved with. for example, prelaw majors can check out Phi Alpha Delta, a professional fraternity that focuses on expanding knowledge opportunities in the field, as well as creating a social infrastructure for future contact. Similar clubs exist for engineering students, communication majors and many more.

Enjoy sports, but don’t consider yourself an athlete? There is a club for you! for some students, the student-athlete life is a natural step for them: They want to fully commit mind, body and soul to balancing a sport and academics throughout their college experience.

However, that isn’t the case for everyone. Instead, sports clubs such as Tennis Club have a less stringent schedule and accommodate more flexible skill sets.

If you enjoy music and light gaming, The Lair (upstairs in the DeRosa University Center) hosts all sorts of different events. from touring indie bands to open mic night, this lively spot is a place to get social and enjoy live music.

For the budding or accomplished writers out there, get involved with The Pacifican, which will help hone your reporting skills as well as push you into social interactions and events!

As you start off your semester here at Pacific, just remember: This is a fresh start without any strings attached. Be who you want to be, and socialize!

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