University banners span every color of the rainbow

Nicole Felkins

University of Pacific’s school and college banners denote each of the academic units of the University.
The banners are displayed during the ceremony preceding a unit’s faculty in the annual Commencement procession.
Each banner is a symbolic representation of a specific discipline. The symbol at the center, a white field, symbolizes the arts and letters; it forms a basis for all academic programs of the University.
The official emblem of each school or college is represented in the white field. A banner’s primary color represents a particular academic discipline.
College Of The Pacific
The sciences are represented by the gold field in this banner. Combined with the arts and letters, it forms the foundation of the liberal arts programs offered in the central division of the University.
An emblem of a torch symbolizes the lamp of knowledge; it served as a predecessor to the Mace in the Seal of the University.
Because the Methodist Church played a central role in the founding of the college in 1851, the emblem also contains a cross.
University Library
Symbolizing knowledge and wisdom, this banner’s emblem depicts a key and a book.
The banner’s lemon yellow background represents the Library Science discipline. Since its founding in 1851, the Library’s faculty and staff have served all academic areas of the University.
The Library as well as the Special Collections house a variety of print, audiovisual and electronic resources. Researchers from around the world have used the original papers and sketches of materials relating to the Gold Rush and other items in the Special Collections.
Conservatory Of Music
The Conservatory’s banner uses a pink field, which is the accepted color for all disciplines relating to music.
A contemporary graphic of a musical symbol serves as the emblem; it was developed in 1987 to symbolize new directions for the Conservatory.
Founded in 1878, Pacific’s Conservatory of Music is the oldest university-affiliated conservatory in the West.
Dugoni School Of Dentistry
The lilac field represents the School of Dentistry. The emblem is the caduceus, which represents medicine. The caduceus is surrounded by a triangle that represents the three corners of Dentistry’s program: education, research and service.
McGeorge School Of Law
McGeorge School of Law is represented by the purple color of law. The school’s logo contains a law book and judicial column, which symbolizes the study and practice of law.
Gladys L. Benerd School Of Education
The blue field of this banner signifies the disciplines related to education. The school’s emblem is a lamp of learning.
The Gladys L. Benerd School of Education was founded in 1924 when the University moved to Stockton.
Thomas J. Long School Of Pharmacy And Health Sciences
The green colors of the pharmacy profession form the field for this school’s banner.
The green colors of pharmacy surround the school’s emblem, the Bowl of Hygeia. Hygeia is the Greek goddess of health and is the traditional emblem of pharmacy.
An adaptation of the official emblem of the American Pharmaceutical Association serves as the school’s updated version of the Bowl of Hygeia. Pharmacy and Health Sciences was created in 1955.
Research & Graduate Studies
This banner incorporates the elements of the arts and letters and sciences with the University’s colors of orange and black. It also displays a portion of the University seal.
A formal organization of Research and Graduate Studies was established in 1956, though graduate degrees were offered early in the history of the University.
School Of Engineering & Computer Science
An orange field encompasses the symbol that reflects the school’s major areas of study. A wheel represents mechanical engineering, the bridge symbolizes civil engineering and the figure in the center signifies the combined fields of electrical and computer engineering.
Though the department dates back to the 1930s, the School of Engineering and Computer Science was founded in 1958.
Eberhardt School Of Business
The beige colors of business serves as the banner’s background.
Students competed to select the school’s emblem when the school was renamed in honor of Robert M. Eberhardt, the Eberhardt Family and the Bank of Stockton in 1955.
School Of International Studies
The banner’s gold colors, paired with white, illustrates the arts and letters and sciences.
The blue globe exhibit the programs’ international nature, such as the study abroad opportunities in over 100 locations.
The school was founded in 1987.

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Nicole Felkins

Editor In Chief at The Pacifican