Seniors: What is the most important thing you learned at Pacific?

“I learned to question my actions, over and over. I learned to keep fighting
for something you believed in, even if it was broken; because one day it will
work. And lastly I learned to be myself, because that’s the person I wanted
people to want to be friends with.”
@Palak Setia

“At Pacific I learned the most important aspects of business and marketing,
but most importantly I learned most about myself and who I want to
@Austin Lenz

“I think the most important thing I’ve learned at Pacific is I have found out
how determined of a person I am. If it were not for all the times I struggled
in college, I wouldn’t have learned how to push through the road bumps in
my life.”
@Michelle Trujillo

“To be myself and to not be afraid of consequences.”
@Carlos Hernandez

“The most important thing I’ve learned at Pacific is that being involved on
campus is the most rewarding. You get so many opportunities for
leadership and build so many relationships with all kinds of people.”
@Chris Carroll

“A cup of joe is a cup of joy.”
@Jennifer Williams

“How to successfully clone parasite DNA and express its protein in a
recombinant host!”
@Peter Zhao

“Take every opportunity you can, even if it isn’t in your comfort zone.”
@Vickie Horvatich

“You are not alone.”
@Matt Banes

“If anything, I’ve learned more about myself than academics. I learned
that even if I choose to lie about myself to others, I shouldn’t lie to myself.”
@Brian Chang

“The most important thing I’ve learned at Pacific was to never be afraid of
going outside my comfort zone because although those challenges were
the hardest, they were also the most rewarding and they have made me
who I am today.”
@Julia Quesada

“Success is about establishing connections. Be friendly, sincere, listen as
well as you can, because people you meet and the experiences you gain can
be a real asset when it counts.”
@Jared Chenilla

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Nicole Felkins

Editor In Chief at The Pacifican