Through triumph and tribulations…

Through triumph and tribulations…

Drew Jones
Sports Editor

As the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close, so do many of the seasons for Pacific’s spring sports. Each sport had their ups and downs to the season, but the successes outweighed any tribulation.
Women’s water polo had a pretty incredible year, ranking No. 15 nationally by the end of the season. The Tigers had the opportunity to play two different countries, China and Brazil, in the earlier part of the season. Also, they held a nine game consecutive win streak going into the Gold Coast Conference Tournament. Unfortunately, their streak was broken; nevertheless they came out the victor in the third place matchup, finishing the season at an overall 16-10 record.
For their third season on campus, sand volleyball made great strides and flexed their muscles against many of their California neighbors. Pacific capped off their season with a 12-7 record. The Tigers were able to win their final sand match of the season over Santa Clara. All but one pair were able to top the Broncos.
Track and field runners were able to set personal records as well as program records this season. Pacific is in their third season in program history as well.
Baseball and softball suffered tough starts to the season, both remaining below .500. Baseball (11-33) will play in approximately seven more games before they cap the spring season. Softball (17-35) plays in their final games this weekend, saying goodbye to their beloved four seniors.
Men’s and women’s tennis seemingly had up and down seasons. The women’s team had a great start to the season, even beating a ranked BYU in their first conference match. However, the remainder of conference play was tough for the Tigers as they completed the season 2-7 in conference play. The men’s team had an opposite outing as they fared well in conference and not so much in the beginning part of the season.
Men’s golf also made great strides this season, especially with Byron Meth ’15 as a leader. Meth represented Pacific at the Masters’ tournament this year. Also, alongside senior Drew Bender, they were able to lead the Tigers to great success at the WCC Championships this year. Pacific was runner-up in the tournament, and Meth received an at-large individual bid to the NCAA tournament.
With the spring season coming to an end, Pacific bids a fond farewell to a plethora of senior athletes.

Dallas Correa, Tyler Sullivan, Jimmy Gosano, Michael Benson, Robby Mansfield, Cory Popham, Spencer Franceschetti, Michael Hager, and Bryce Lombardi.

Drew Bender and Byron Meth.

Men’s Tennis:
Marlon Brand and Alex Hamilton.

Sand Volleyball:
Megan Birch and Gillian Howard.

Dani Bonnet, Alexi Johnson, Kamalei Pitoy, and Alex Steinmehl.

Women’s Tennis:
Gergana Boncheva, Iveta Masarova, Hana Ritterova, Regina Suarez.

Track and Field:
Sarah Bailey, Karla Segura, and Micaela Todd.

Women’s Water Polo:
Michele Relton, Taylor Adair, Brydie Pye, Anna Kertes, Kelsey Carter, Noelle Mann, Crystal Villanueva.

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