Meth tees off at Masters

Allison Williford
Staff Reporter

This spring, Pacific senior Byron Meth ‘15 competed in one of the most prestigious professional golf tournaments: the Masters. Studying business finance with a minor in economics, Meth successfully completed two of the four rounds in the annual tournament.
Mental preparation and composition, he says, were his biggest challenges, but he wanted to make sure he had fun at the same time. It was an absolute dream come true for him, and Meth related that the people he met and the nerves he worked through helped him become a better person and a better golfer.
This opportunity to play in the big leagues allowed Meth to learn what being on tour is all about and what it takes to succeed on tour. The other competitors he met helped him understand what he needs to improve on in regards to his swing and performance on the green. To balance school, life and his career, Meth refers to his former coach, Brandon Goethals, who told him, “You have three things in college: school, life and golf. You can be great at two of them or mediocre at all three.”
Meth took this as a personal challenge and asserts that he has succeeded in all three! While this has been difficult for him, he also says that it is very rewarding. Creating attainable goals was the key to his success; instead of giving everything 100 percent all the time, he created manageable sections to accomplish in his life. Meth will continue at the amateur level summer 2015 and attempt to play his way onto the PGA Tour, where he will become a professional.

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