Alumni: What is the greatest thing you have done since graduating?

“Being able to represent my country in Paraguay, while serving
mankind for the greater good by entering the United States Peace
@Jamieson Cox ‘14

“I traveled to 13 countries to recruit students for my job in the Office
of Admissions.”
@Keith Sanpei ‘03

“I decided to take on my dreams by starting a business helping folks
grow their own food at home.”
@Jamil Burns ‘14

“Launching a software and digital media marketing consulting firm!”
@Ruben Moreno ‘12

“I guess the greatest thing I’ve done since graduating is moving to
New Zealand. Not because it’s cool or exciting or I have nothing
better to report, but because it has pushed me outside of my comfort
zone and allowed me to start achieving things that I otherwise
wouldn’t be able to if I was still sitting in California waiting for my
life to start.”
@Christina Gein ‘14

“It is immensely fulfilling to help build the Writing Center and the
Center’s programs and to see it grow. And also eventually coming back
here for graduate school. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without
the continued support of professors and people that I work with
@Melanie Hash ‘09

“Start a career that is fulfilling and challenging.”
@Joshua Rayburn ‘14

“Since graduating I’ve had a successful career, but the greatest thing
I’ve done is getting engaged. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in
my life.”
@Juliene Sesar ‘13

“Getting my master’s degree from UC Berkeley and finding a full-
time job right away.”
@Allyson Seals ‘12

“I attended CalABA (a conference for applied behavior analysis) with
colleagues from UOP’s psych department and learned about current
research relevant to the field I’m now working in.”
@Kristy Fojo ‘14

“I went to New York and New Orleans.”
@Madelyn Vander Poel ‘14

“Got a job that I love, doing what I love, for a sports team that I love.”
@Ruben Dominguez ‘14

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Nicole Felkins

Editor In Chief at The Pacifican