Hillary Clinton announces candidacy for 2016 election

Hillary Clinton announces candidacy for 2016 election

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton made an announcement just about everybody knew was coming: She is running for president of the United States. It came in the form of a video emailed to supporters on April 12.

The video features Americans of various backgrounds talking about important things in their lives they are preparing to do; near the end of the video, Clinton appears and states she is running for president because she wants to be a “champion for everyday Americans.”

As expected, the announcement resulted in a media circus that likely will not subside any time soon as the race for the 2016 presidential election begins to heat up.

Many Republicans were quick to attack the leading Democratic candidate, including Sen. Rand Paul, who has also announced his candidacy for president. Paul released an advertisement shortly after Clinton’s announcement, featuring a voiceover that states, “Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington Machine.”

Clinton received criticism from other prominent Republicans like Jeb Bush, who also released a video in response to Clinton’s announcement. “We must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies,” Bush says in the minute-long YouTube clip.

Despite the negative reactions, Clinton also received plenty of support on social media. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy tweeted his support: “Good luck @HillaryClinton! I know how strong your passion is for the United States.” Clinton also received endorsements from a slew of celebrities, including Magic Johnson, Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding and Lena Dunham.

Students here at Pacific were also eager to share their views on the polarizing public figure and all the media surrounding her.

“Good for her, she’s been involved in politics a lot and I know she has a lot of experience,” said Joan Yim ‘17, a pre-pharmacy student.

“I think she is going to destroy the country with her ideas and her politics. She’s been in politics so long, when was the last time she even left Washington?” said Dervin Murphy ‘18, an international business major. “Will our taxes be going to her private plane flights again?”

“I think she’s gonna have a huge step ahead of the other candidates just because of the media attention that she is going to be getting,” said Ricky Garcia ‘15, a communication major. “But there is another aspect to it, too: Whatever she does, everyone will be watching. If she even sneezes, someone is going to be there to catch it.”

However you feel about Hillary, you should get used to hearing about her.

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