Black Vs. Orange: Are Extensions Fair? PROS

Black Vs. Orange: Are Extensions Fair? PROS

For many students attending Pacific, school is not the only thing they have to worry about during the day. Many students work several jobs and may have financial trouble or other personal issues that can easily get in the way of their schoolwork.

Luckily, with Pacific’s 14:1 student to teacher ratio, students are likely to feel that they can approach their professors with their individual needs and have them met with extensions on papers and projects the rest of the class is required to turn in on time.

There are many students who may see this as unfair when they spent excessive amounts of time working on something and have to deal with the stress of balancing it all, only to see a peer relax on the same assignment and turn it in a week later. What they must realize, however, is that this is an opportunity they too have access to, as a professor who grants extensions for valid reasons will likely grant other students extensions if they are approached on an as-needed basis. In this way, the granting of extensions is actually completely fair, and something that should be utilized if need be.

A benefit of attending a smaller, private university is that students have the ability to bond with their professors, which allows the professors to take a more active role in the success of their students.

Alison Telles ’16 commented, “I like that we go to a University with faculty that take a genuine personal interest in their students, want to see us succeed and are willing to help us where we need it.” Telles has herself been granted extensions on past assignments and appreciated that her professors were supportive and understanding.

We may be students before a lot of other roles in our lives, but sometimes life happens, and it helps to have a professor that has your back.

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