Black vs. Orange: Humanities Scholar Program PROS

Black vs. Orange: Humanities Scholar Program PROS

Full disclosure: As a Pacific Humanities Scholar myself, I have a vested interest in this subject matter and am, unsurprisingly, a strong proponent for this program.

In addition to full financial coverage of off-campus cultural events such as trips to the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Pacific Humanities Scholars Program offers a unique three-year degree track in the humanities. Normally reserved for pre-professionals in pharmacy, dentistry or other such fields, this three-year track allows humanities students who have previously completed elements of their general education through AP or community college courses a way to receive a private school education at a much lower cost.

What’s more, this program is the only one of its kind in the nation. For humanities students, whose public image often vacillates between useful and useless, Pacific’s insistence on providing such a program is a validation of our creative mindsets, a welcome encouragement of our potential to create change with our chosen majors.

For students who have a clear vision of their path after college — whether it is grad school, teaching or something equally impressive — this program makes perfect sense. To aid Humanities Scholars’ post-graduate futures, the Program additionally provides a stepping stone of support with its amazing personal academic and career advisers, who truly care about your goals and are willing to go the distance to match you with distinctively beneficial opportunities.

The Humanities Program also promotes a close-knit circle of camaraderie as one gets to know one’s peers in the program. With small classes of 10 or less, the Humanities Scholars seminars provide individual attention and boundless chances to interact with other high-achieving likeminded individuals. Some may claim that Scholars are missing out on the college experience by pursuing a three-year track. Yet I definitely challenge and rebut that. Once accepted, Scholars do not necessarily have to graduate within three years. For these students, the Program merely provides a buzzing place of constant creative and mental inspiration, a supplementary program that allows one access to one-of-a-kind field trips, continual support and myriad opportunities. If anything, Scholars experience more during their three years than a conventional college education provides.

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