Turn heads this spring with the latest fashion trends

Turn heads this spring with the latest fashion trends



Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to become more of a fashionista/o or trendsetter? Then it’s important to keep up with the current and upcoming trends of winter and spring 2015. While California is known for its bipolar weather, incorporating your own style into seasonal fashion trends is as easy as adding and removing layers of clothing. Add a cardigan under your favorite jacket when it’s cold out, or remove that flannel and tie it around your waist for the perfect warm weather touch.

If you take a look at the runways of the hottest designers this season, you would see that the upcoming trends are extremely versatile. According to PopSugar, gingham prints, also known as that ubiquitous picnic tablecloth pattern, have always been in style throughout the years. However, the gingham pattern, updated in a range of colors as well as different cuts and hems, is one of this season’s hottest trends.

We all recognize the ‘70s silhouette of bell-bottom jeans with a vibrant blouse. However, this season’s incarnations of ‘70s fashion comes with a more subtle approach: An abundance of denim, juxtaposing color combinations and the famous flared pant silhouettes are about to be your new staples.

The third trend is animal prints. And by animal prints, I do not mean that cheetah print shirt from the year 2000, hiding in the back of your closet. This season’s animal print is out of the ordinary. Leopard, zebra and cheetah prints have been replaced by more unusual animals, such as tiny printed chameleons, crabs, scorpions, seahorses and jellyfish.

The fabric suede is also making a comeback — but this time with pops of color. Although suede may not seem to be a conventional material for spring, the pastel purple, bold blue, mustard yellow and bright red hues say otherwise.

Let’s be real, we all hated the “power shoulder” trend, where clothing designers would add shoulder pads to tops that made us look like football players. However, this season, designers took the less-is-more approach with a new version of “power shoulders.” Rather than adding shoulder pads, designers opted for shoulder-baring looks to accentuate women’s finest assets.

Websites including Vogue also agreed that, for some nebulous reason, apron skirts are on the rise. As you can see on the runway, these wrap-around skirts are often worn atop pants, leggings or longer skirts for extra layering flare (and perhaps warmth as well).

Stripes, a classic throughout the years, are also making a major statement this season. However, these are not the simple horizontal blocked stripes you are used to seeing: Designers are playing around with the positioning and placement of these stripes, such as only one striped pants leg, vertically striped skirts or even having stripes in a multitude of different colors. The fashion pièce de résistance last year was the army jacket, inspired by a resurgence of military-esque duds. However, rather than looking like soldiers this season, the look du jour is to pretend we’re on safari. This spring, designers had their models take a wild adventure with the safari on their minds, portrayed through poncho coats, fern prints and camp-inspired pieces.

If fashion is your passion, try adding these new trends to your closet, but don’t forget to add your signature touch for a style that’s all your own.

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Sarah Hong