Late night spinning in black light

Late night spinning in black light

With the recent weather being consistently gloomy and depressing, nothing seems better than being lazy and snuggling in bed. Finding motivation to go to the gym seems nearly impossible. However, Tiger X classes at the Baun Fitness Center provide trainers who will constantly motivate you to keep pushing through and feel good about yourself.

On Thursdays, my class ends at 8:45 p.m., and the last thing I want to do is work out at the end of my day. Nevertheless, I drag myself to the Black Light Cycle class from 9-9:45 p.m., and I never regret going — no matter how tired I might be.

The cycling trainer, Alexis, mixes up the workouts each week, incorporating all different sorts of techniques such as sprinting, hovering, freezing, jumping and climbing. Not only are you always moving your body, but Alexis also picks the most upbeat, cardio-enhancing songs to ensure you keep going. What makes this class even more fun is that the setting of this cycling session rings true to its title: Black Light Cycle. You are in a dark-lit room enhanced by black lights, with all the cycling machines facing the mirror and a background of the streets. All these factors simulate the feeling of cycling in a marathon — except more fun.

Here is a quick rundown of all the techniques Alexis includes in the workout so that you will feel better prepared before going into class (even though she explains it beforehand).

Sprinting is when you pedal as fast as you can on your bike, which will make your legs want to fall off. The sweat that you pour out, however, will make it all worth it.

Hovering is when you are in “Position Three,” which is when your rear end is slightly lifted off the bicycle seat and you are grabbing onto the handles of the bike.

Freezing is also when your bottom is off the ground and your legs are doing all the work. In this technique, you should try to move your upper body as little as possible, so that all the muscles in your legs are doing the work.

Jumping is when you are quickly moving into different positions on the bike, which will work your whole body. Lastly, climbing is when you are constantly building resistance on the bike, and the more resistance you put on the bike, the more you feel like you are biking up a steep mountain wanting to die.

I first avoided cycling because I did not want to get muscular thighs — just my personal preference, of course.

However, after class, Alexis informed me that cycling is one of the best cardio routines you can incorporate into your workout, and it will actually tone your body rather than making it look bulky.

Because of how fun this session is, the class can get  pretty crowded. I recommend getting to the class 10 minutes before to guarantee yourself a good seat. Don’t worry if you show up late: Alexis provides extra cycling machines so that everyone can join in on the fun.

Before entering, however, make sure you get a cycling pass at the front desk in exchange for your student ID card, which the instructor will collect in the beginning of the class. I hope you guys join me for the next Black Light Cycle session — you won’t regret it!

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Sarah Hong