New bracelet marketed for college students

A new bracelet designed and marketed for college students has made waves in the media lately.
            The Vive bracelet was displayed at Microsoft’s Design Expo and works as both an alcohol awareness monitor and a social media-like connection device for use at large parties.
            The bracelet works through Bluetooth technology to connect your personal device to those your friends are wearing, so that they can find you throughout the night should you be separated. Additionally, sensors on the inside of the band monitor the wearer’s dehydration and intoxication levels.
The bracelet vibrates occasionally, checking in with the wearer and requiring them to respond with a squeeze of the band signaling that they are safe and “in control.” If the response is not received, the band will send a signal to those connected to it at the same party, letting the wearer’s friends know that they are potentially dangerously intoxicated, or in a scary situation.
While this device seems extremely beneficial in a variety of situations, one must wonder how much it will cost when it is finally available, and if it will actually be affordable to budgeting college students. Because the device is seemingly only helpful if the majority of your friends have it, it will be interesting to see how many students will actually spend their money on their safety.
Another question being raised is whether or not the bracelet’s functions will be abused. Rather than using the bracelet’s readings of the wearer’s blood alcohol level as a warning, students could easily turn the readings into a competition.
If will be intriguing to see how far the design process on this device will go, and how it may ultimately affect safety on university campuses.
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