A warm welcome from ASuop president

A warm welcome from ASuop president

Jess Escobar

Jess Escobar

Hello Pacific Tigers!

Welcome to the second annual (21st century version) Homecoming!

The ASuop Arts and Entertainment team has been working tirelessly to make this event bigger than the last. There has been a monumental effort in collaboration with numerous campus partners, including the Alumni Association, Athletics and Greek Life.

This is a time for students, parents and alumni to come together and celebrate Pacific. Pacific has offered past and current students unforgettable experiences, and this is another to add to the list.

There is an array of events happening this weekend, from various alumni reunions to Taste of Pacific. As students, our role is to be a part of the experience and take it all in. There will be networking events to attend, where eager alumni wait to share their experiences with us.

At the Tiger Tailgate and Food Truck Frenzy, there will be food trucks with a spread of food for us to enjoy. Tiger Rally is a new tradition at Pacific, which was able to come to fruition this year.

The beloved tradition of Lip Sync is being combined with basketball’s Midnight Mania. Some of us will be participating in Tiger Rally performances, and others will be helping put the event on. There will also be those who come and watch the performances and athletic stunts, which the teams have worked hard to perfect.

Our Arts and Entertainment team has taken a new spin on the old tradition of Homecoming Court. This is unlike the traditional homecoming court, as it is based on merit, Pacific Pride and community involvement. Be sure to stay until the end of Tiger Rally for a special surprise!

Parents, I would like to thank you for taking the time to come and see what Pacific has to offer your students. This event would not be possible without your support. Please enjoy the performances, which our students have prepared for you.

Almuni, you are also an integral part of this event. This is your home, and we are proud to welcome you back.
Thank you for coming back and continuing to be a part of the Pacific community. Also, thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and know-how with us.

All of these groups coming together will truly make for an amazing celebration of Pacific’s history. Let’s have a great weekend!


Yesenia Gutierrez
ASUOP President

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