A time of peace and love…

Pacific welcomes back the class of 1974 for its 40th year reunion. Here is a look at what it was like back then:
Students who graduated in 1974 experienced a Wild West-themed homecoming parade their senior year, as they pumped up for the big game against the Santa Clara University Broncos. University of the Pacific celebrated a win that night against Santa Clara, strengthening the incredible spirit of the day tenfold.

Of course, in 1974 Pacific was still cheering on its football team, which had finished its best season since 1949. In the yearbook that year, students were pictured cheering loudly as they watched the Tigers during a seven-game winning streak culminating in a second place finish in the Pacific Coast Athletic Association. Though Head Coach Chester Caddas was still only a rookie, as it was his first year leading the team, he was named Northern California Coach of the Year for that season.

Elsewhere in the world of sports in 1974, students who were also fans of the Oakland Athletics watched the team win their third World Series in a row, and professional baseball legend Hank Aaron hit the home run that tied the previous record with Babe Ruth. Of course, our own Tigers baseball team had a fantastic season that year as well, with their best win-loss record in four years, and the first seven hitters in their lineup also hitting at least one home run each that season.

1974 was also an intriguing time in United States history. This was the year that President Richard Nixon resigned after a close impeachment and turned over the presidency to Gerald Ford, who pardoned him a month later. The resignation occurred following the 1973 Watergate scandal, in which Nixon was found to have been illegally recording conversations discussing the concealment of unsavory events.

The early ‘70s saw the beginning of the gas crisis as well, and many students may remember having to wait in long lines at the pumps because of gas rationing for the war. However, 1974 marked the end of this rationing period, and with the draft having ended a year before, life for young men and women began to return to normal.

1974 was an interesting year for both the Pacific community and the world at large.

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