Survive Your First Week Of Class

Survive Your First Week Of Class

The first week of college can seem both exciting and daunting, especially for freshmen. Here are some tips to help make the transition easier.

On the first week of school, it is important to make the effort to talk to people in class. Introduce yourself. Ask about other students’ summers. Classes and dorms are the two places you will meet most of your new friends during your first week.

Make it your goal to learn at least two people’s names in each of your classes. Being social on your first week equates to being approachable. It will lead you to new friends.

Get out of your room as much as possible. Go to the cafeteria. Explore the campus. Shop at The Grove. Holing up in your room will make you complacent. Sooner or later, you will find yourself stuck in a rut and missing out.

Do not wear your lanyard. Lanyards are a great way of keeping tabs on your keys and student ID card. However, wearing the one the school gave you at orientation broadcasts to everyone that you are a freshman.

Most students do not wear their lanyards after the first couple weeks of class. If you want others to know you are a freshman, wearing a lanyard around your neck is a great way to meet other freshmen. Otherwise, keep your lanyard in your pocket or around your belt to blend in.

Do not use the trays in the cafeteria. This is another way to silently announce that you are a first year. Most students just take their plate of food, grab a fork, and sit.

If you are having a bowl of soup or a single plate of food, it is unnecessary to use a big lunch tray to carry it around. College kids are all about being on the go. Grabbing a tray and returning it is much more work than simply grabbing your food and a fork.

Do your research. Find out about clubs, organizations or activities on campus without joining all of them on the first day. Take your time to ask around or observe fliers on campus before you devote your time or spread yourself too thin.

Visit the Multicultural Center or your professors to learn about organizations, events and guest speakers. Pick up The Pacifican and check out the latest campus news, restaurant reviews, recaps on recent sports games and more. Determine what you are interested in and get involved on campus.

Lastly, make sure to participate in class. Do not be afraid to raise your hand on the first day. The teacher will remember you and appreciate your contribution.

An engaging student makes a lasting impression, and the professor will reciprocate the attention. Remember that a solid professor-student relationship can open doors in the future.

Get a full night’s rest. If you do not get enough sleep, then you will be even less motivated to attend class. Your nerves can distract you from falling asleep, so before you go to bed, practice some relaxation techniques to help calm your body and clear your mind.

Good luck Tigers! Hopefully these suggestions will help you both in and out of class. Put yourself out there, whether it be with professors or new friends. It will make the rest of the year worth it.

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