Reform your dorm

Reform your dorm

Besides the obvious things every dorm needs, there are a few forgotten lifesavers. Here is a list of seven underrated essentials that you should consider investing in.

Febreze. It is an odor eliminator and air freshener. Squirt some in your room, open the door, and let it air out the smell.

College students are not known for being the cleanest; use Febreze to ensure you are breathing in fresh air if you or your roommate has the smell of last night’s dinner lingering in the room.

Wet wipes. You should probably use these before you even move in. Another student lived in the room and on the bed before you. Wipe down everything before you put your stuff on it.

Throughout the year you will need wet wipes to clean up sticky spills or dirty spots. Dust builds up after a while too. You will make good use of these.

Garbage bags. They make throwing the trash away so much easier. The school does not provide them, but if you do not use them, you will be stuck with gross trash remnants sticking to the inside of your trash can. Garbage bags will save you the pain of smelling and dealing with the debris.

Sponge and dish soap. Whether you resort to silverware because the disposable forks ran out, or whether your sink, cup or other utensils get dirty, a sponge and some soap are great investments to guarantee that things stay clean.
Eye mask. Between you and your roommate, one of you will probably sleep earlier than the other. An eye mask can mediate the coexistence of sleeping and studying in the same room. Eye masks block out the light and make it easier for your body to assume sleep. They are also great for naps during the day.

Extra seating. Bean bag chairs are ideal for dorm rooms. You are probably going to entertain guests this year. If dorm lounges are too crowded or noisy, you and your friends will probably want to hang out in your room. Each student is provided one chair. However, if your roommate needs their chair, you are out of luck for your guest.

If you and your guests plan to work together, or even talk to each other, sitting space on your bed and your single chair will not be sufficient. Consider investing in extra seating and make lounging around in your room more comfortable for everybody.

Mirrors. Not all dorm rooms have them. If you don’t mind looking like a zombie in the morning before getting to the bathroom or crowding around a shared mirror, then it is not a problem.

However, for those who want to know what they look like before they go out, a table mirror or a full-length model hung behind the door will suffice.

Most of these items can be found at The Grove or Target. The Grove, the convenience store located next to the Janet Leigh Theatre, has almost everything you might need to last you the school year. Do not worry too much about finding everything you need at once. Learning as you go is part of the dorm-room experience. Good luck Tigers!

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